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PepBlast Motion Pictures Blends Photos with Music and Amazing Styles

Free Slide Show Maker App inspired by Space, Technology, Art and Music


Moffett Field, CA – April 6, 2015 – Photozig, Inc. introduced its PepBlast Motion Pictures App to make amazing videos with pictures and music for iOS devices at the NASA Research Park today.

PepBlast mixes your photos with music and make awesome movie clips in just a few minutes. You can make a slideshow, turn pictures into videos, and personalize your movie with pictures with thousands of free styles, backgrounds, and songs that come with the app. It is quick, easy and fun!

"Our inspiration for PepBlast came from celebrations of our space heritage at NASA Ames Research Center", said Bruno Kajiyama, CEO of Photozig. "For example, when photographing the Yuri’s Night Bay Area event, we experienced a crowd of thousands of people looking at our space adventure, human spirit and exploration. It was an insane mix of technology, music and art. I thought about how to translate that enthusiasm and blast captured by still images into pictures in motion with art and music. PepBlast was born from that dream."

The PepBlast App allows users to choose an exciting movie template, select photos, and watch an instant movie preview with music. There are over a thousand free movie templates, called PepBlast styles, ranging from Action and Sports to Romance and Love. Each PepBlast style has been carefully crafted with background, music, animations, color scheme, title font, etc. - everything that you need for a movie. There is no need to learn complicated software or acquire expensive movie assets. In addition, if you want to personalize your movie, you can change background, song, animation, and other advanced options.

The unique PepBlast movie is created online by the PepBlast Cloud so that it can be shared through social networks easily. PepBlast also has its own social networking. Users can watch shared movies in a PepBlast feed, follow friends, allow others to follow your stream, and experience trending PepBlast movies.

The PepBlast team is developing new apps to make video with pictures and music, such as the PepBlast Motion Pictures Slide Show Maker with Music. Over the years, the technology to create video from photos has evolved from picture slideshow software to PepBlast movie app to make a video from pictures. PepBlast app allows users to make a slideshow video or make a video with pictures in motion in exciting new ways. Users report that they can turn pictures into video quickly and easily. In order to make your own slideshow, or make your own video, PepBlast app offers a photo editor, easy-to-use tools, and other features to make beautiful short movies. Our movie creator app to make video from photos is live in the Apple App Store. The video creator runs in the PepBlast cloud to make movies from pictures and share in social networks. PepBlast features a paid pro subscription to use exclusive styles, backgrounds and songs, but thousands of movie assets and songs come free in the app.

See sample videos and get the PepBlast movie creator at


The PepBlast team cannot wait to see the amazing movies created with this movie maker of slideshows with music!


About Photozig, Inc.

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Photozig, Inc.
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Photozig, and PepBlast are registered trademarks of Photozig, Inc.

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